Frequently Asked Questions


If you're the new owner of a home with a pool, you may be a little unsure on how to properly maintain it. At Aqua Solutions, our team provides tutorials on how to care for swimming pools and spas. We've listed answers to some of the most frequently ask questions we get on common pool problems. Have you got another question? Give us a call today.



Q. Why is my pool green?
Q. How do you clear up a cloudy pool?
Q. What could be the reason my pool is leaking?
Q. How do I get rid of black spot algae?
Q. When should I test my pool water?
Q. Should I lower my pool's water level during or after rain?
Q. How do I drain water from my swimming pool?
Q. What is the purpose of shock treating a pool?
Q. Will the salt in my saltwater pool evaporate?
Q. Why does chlorine evaporate from pool water?
Q. Why do my eyes hurt after I have been in the pool?
Q. How long will my salt chlorinator cell last before it needs to be replaced?
Q. How do I maintain a pool pump?
Q. What is the right pool filter for my pool?
Q. What are the advantages of salt water chlorination?