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My pool is green?

Lack of chlorine, and/or lack of circulation.

  • The correct amount of Stabilised Chlorine must be used & the filtration must be operating for at least 4 hours per day during winter, and 8 hours per day in summer.

Causes of low chlorine

  • Chlorine Pools - must have the correct amount of chlorine added. (evening is best)
  • Saltwater pools - Low salt level will cause low chlorine output.
  • If the chlorinator cell needs cleaning, chlorine will not be produced efficiently.
  • Low pump running time will cause low chlorine production.
  • A faulty chlorinator will not produce chlorine.
  • Algae will burn up chlorine very quickly


My pool is cloudy?

A cloudy pool is the start of a pool problem, any of the above reasons could apply.

  • Poor Filtration.
  • Calcium build up from granular pool chlorine.

SOLUTION - As above or talk to the staff at Aqua Solutions.

My pool is leaking, what could it be?

Natural evaporation can be up to 5 cm per week, depending on how hot and windy it is. If the loss is greater than this you need to contact Aqua Solutions for advice.

What causes Blackspot Algae, how do I get rid of it?

Blackspot Algae is caused by poor circulation and or low chlorine levels.

SOLUTION - You need to scratch the surface of the Blackspot with a stainless wire brush. This will allow the Treatment to penetrate. Contact Aqua Solutions for advice.

How often should I check my pool water?

The most important time to balance your pool water is as soon as practical after heavy use or rain. Chlorine pools should be checked daily. Saltwater pools should be balanced weekly during summer, monthly during winter.

Should I lower my pool level during rain?

Don't rush into pumping water out of the pool after rain. You could soon be losing water to evaporation and then you have to top up the water.

How do I drain water from the pool?

Backwash valves are simple to use, 'With the pump off' turn the valve handle to 'waste' and pump out until the required level is reached. Turn pump off and place handle back in the filter position.

If you have a cartridge filter then water can be pumped out the three way valve or siphoned out with your garden or vacuum hose.

Ask Aqua Solutions for a FREE Laminated instruction sheet.

How do I shock dose a pool?

All pools need to be shocked occasionally. Use only 'Shock n' Clear' to super chlorinate.

Granular Pool chlorine leaves a residual of calcium. Large doses of calcium chlorine will cause cloudiness.

When water evaporates from my saltwater pool, do I lose salt?

Water evaporates leaving salt behind. Salt and Stabiliser do not evaporate.

I can't keep chlorine in my pool?

  • All chlorines need to be Stabilised to reduce removal by sunlight.
  • A water test at Aqua Solutions will tell the level of Cyanuric Acid.

Sore eyes?

  • Low or high pH level and chloramines will cause eye irritation.
  • Adjust pH and shock dose your pool. Water test required.

How long will my salt chlorinator cell last?

Things that will shorten the life of your chlorinator cell:-

  • Running the pump for long periods on low levels of salt.
  • Cleaning the cell in too strong an acid solution.
  • Not cleaning the cell often enough, leaving a build up of calcium.

What maintenance is required on my pump?

Check for leaks under the pump. If leaking the mechanical seal needs replacing. Don't put this repair off, as salt water will cause further damage and increase costs.

Pump noises occur when the bearings and mechanical seal need replacing, if left the pump will have to be replaced.

Types of Filters

  • Sand filters work simply by filtering the water through sand. Sand filters down to 25 microns, and they have a backwash valve for ease of cleaning. Replacing sand with Zelbrite will improve filtration, as it can filter down to 3 microns, and increase backwash intervals, saving water.
  • Cartridge filters are ideal for above ground pools, or where water is scarce. Cartridge filters do not have a backwash facility and can filter down to 12 microns. The cartridge has to be removed and hosed clean when the pressure gauge increases.

What are the advantages of salt water chlorination?

Salt water chlorination turns salt into liquid chlorine which kills bacteria and then reverts back to salt. Salt chlorinators have inbuilt timers and the better quality units have self diagnosis features; therefore your pool is much easier to maintain.

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